Memorials & Honors

In remembrance of or in honor of

Remember or honor someone special in your life by making a donation to us. To make a donation in memory or in honor of someone, click the button below. 

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Recent donations in honor or in memory of

05/13/2024Geller, MarkIn Honor of Rich Mannion
05/11/2024Ross, BonitaIn Memory of Sam Corollo
05/08/2024Michelle BensonIn Memory of Angela Louise Powell
05/06/2024Hicks, RebekaIn honor of Ginny Anderson
05/05/2024Gambill, BarbaraIn honor of a friend who loves animals and supports the work y’all do. Sheila Ostrosky celebrating her 75th Birthday. Happy Birthday Sheila. Raymond and Barbara
05/05/2024Cascarilla, MaryIn memory of Rich Mannion
05/03/2024Bartlett, LindaIn Honor of Sheila Ostrofsky
05/03/2024Huckasy, JamesIn Memory of Gwen Askew
05/03/2024Roettger, KatherineIn memory of my grandmother who passed on 5/1. She loved animals. She loved animals.
04/29/2024Pascual, ConstanceIn honor of Sheila Ofrosky’s 75th birthday ??
04/29/2024Oxer, Yvonne & HowardIn Honor of Ginny Anderson
04/09/2024Walden Pond HOAIn Memory of Bernadette Amis
03/29/2024Linda D HillegassIn memory of Bernadette Amis
3/28/2024Garren, Roy & MargieIn Memory of Bernadette Amis
3/28/2024Williams, Joan & WilliamIn Memory of Bernadette Amis
3/28/2024Bennett, KateIn Memory of Bernadette Amis
3/26/2024Morgan, PattyIn Memory of Bernadette Amis
3/23/2024Callaway, RichardIn Memory of K D Booth
3/17/2024Kulbacki, AshleyIn Memory of Hugh Bishop
3/14/2024Szcczepaniec, SusanIn memory of Hugh Stevenson Bishop who loved cats!
2/28/2024Renaud, Kristie & Tomin Memory of Lorraine Estelle Reed
2/23/2024Green-Bass, StephanieIn Memory of Kenneth David Booth
2/20/2024Swindle, ClydeIn memory of Kenneth David Booth
2/13/2024Michaels, Alan J & Ashley MIn Memory of John & Patti Michaels
2/13/2024Varnom, E Roy & Margaret BIn Honor of Marcia Hendershot and Marcia's TNVR program.
2/2/2024Hagan, Joseph & BridgettIn Memory of Deborah Marie "Mimi" Kirkland
01/31/2024Sisk, JoanIn Memory of Barbara White
01/15/2024Schultz, Richard & JudithIn memory of Richard Schultz
01/07/2024Cole, Steve & BeverlyIn memory of Dr. James W. (Tom) Thomas
12/21/2023Knowlton, ElaineIn Memory of Eli and Emma, from the Knowlton family
12/21/2023Smith, Sandra (Fayetteville)In loving memory of Liam on his birthday. Grandma Sandy, Auntie Gerri and Uncle Ali.
12/20/2023Wittkop, AnneIn memory of all the Balchin Pups
12/14/2023James & Sherry MartinIn Honor of our "Fur Baby" Sadie
12/11/2023Oms, RochelleIn Memory of Tom Caron
12/11/2023Willey, Kevin & Mary EllenIn memory of Mary Lupo
11/28/2023Michelle AtwoodHappy giving Tuesday! In honor of our lovely miss Poppy who we got from FHS
11/20/2023Turner, MarthaIn memory of /akuce /b Nirrus
11/19/2023Rene Miller MittenzweiIn memory of Erik Johanson, an avid dog lover, who passed on 11/4/2023.
10/30/2023Mollis, PenelopeIn Memory of Ferris
10/30/2023White, Allen & DeniseIn Memory of Mary White
10/25/2023Littleton, Chris & DonnaIn memory of Monte Tatum
10/25/2023Bentley, Anne DallasIn Memory of Monte Tatum
10/24/2023Huskey, Julie MullerIn Memory of Monte Lebron Tatum
9/23/2023Joss, WayneIn memory of Cecil Boone - Dear Jessica, Sorry for the loss of your dad. I am thinking of you and your family during this tough time. Your dad seemed amazing. That is incredible he was in the Navy, went to UGA, and had a great family. Sincerely, Wayne
9/21/2023Jones, TonyaIn Memory of Cecil Boone
9/16/2023Owen, LindaIn Memory of Cecil Boone
9/15/2023Dressel, George & SylviaIn Memory of KA Wenning
9/15/2023Patrick E RobsonIn memory of our beloved dog, Ginger
9/14/2023Britt, MelindaIn memory of Cecil Boone
9/6/2023Lloyd, KathyIn Honor of Debbie Mortell's retirement
8/26/2023Poynter, MarciaIn honor of my three FHS pups: Piper, Scooter and Sybbi (Sybil).
8/11/2023McDowell, Brandon & BethIn Memory of Annie, the dog of Brandon's parents (Russ and Sue McDowell)
7/23/23Anne WittkopIn Memory of Serenah Tyson, Love. The Peter Wittkops
7/13/2023Cathy DealIn Memory of Beau Henderson
07/02/2023Franklin, KayIn Memory of Elizabeth Davis
07/01/2023Boda, SandraIn Memory of Kristy Donohue
06/26/2023Wood, GeorgeIn memory of Frenchy Pelletier
06/23/2023McClanahan, JaneIn memory or Frenchy Pelletier
06/21/2023Henson, JudithIn Memory of Roy Henson
06/20/2023Sullivan-Kalil, Lynne & TommyIn honor of Beth & Curt Hirsch Wedding
06/20/2023Craig, DonnaIn honor of Beth & Curt Hirsch's Wedding
06/20/2023Kulikowski, MaryIn honor of Beth & Curt Hirsch Wedding
06/19/2023Wendy BoylenIn Memory of Gaston "Frenchy" Pelletier
06/18/2023Ellington, PetraIn Memory of Gaston "Frenchy" Rene Pelletier
06/09/2023Jones, Jim & KathyIn Honor of Kurt & Beth Hirsch
06/02/2023Maresca, Donald & DonnaIn honor of Kurt and Beth Hirsch
05/27/2023Martin, KathleenIn Honor of Beth and Curt Hirsh and with my best wishes on their Wedding
05/19/2023Goldberg, Janice & SteveIn Honor of Curt and Beth Hirsch
5/15/2023Linda M CroninIn Honor of the upcoming Marriage of Beth Diddle
5/1/2023Donna StanleyIn memory of Nancy Nowacki
04/25/2023James BiasIn Memory of Mocha Gatewood
4/12/2023Tyrone Masonic Lodge #644In memory of Karen Lynn Simone supporting our Dog & Cat Programs
4/10/2023Katherine HauboisIn honor of Mr. & Mrs. Hirsch
4/9/2023Barbara NanneyIn memory of Trudy Gomer
4/3/2023Eva & James WechslerIn Honor of Marilyn Beth and Curt Hirsch
1/9/2023Mehren, ElizabethIn Memory of Rocky
1/6/2023Middleton, HeatherIn memory of Frank Henson
12/29/2022Hanna, LauraIn loving memory of Thomas J. Hanna. In honor of the Jim Browning family, Fayetteville, GA.
12/27/2022Brooks, Bobby & LaurieIn memory of Kristy Donohue
12/16/2022Bacon, RobertIn memory of Coach Bacon
12/12/2022Sally DunhamIn Memory of our beloved Cookie
12/12/2022Page, ChrisIn Honor of Janet Page
12/12/2022Page, ChrisIn Honor of Janet Page
12/09/2022Land, MayaIn Honor of Gaby Sena
12/07/2022Rising Star Middle SchoolIn Honor of Theresa Roberts
11/29/2022Bush, KellyIn Memory of Bruce Belcastro
11/29/2022Turner, MarthaIn Memory of Alice Morris
11/16/2022Tant, BeverlyIn Memory of Theresa Roberts
11/15/2022Dorish, KathleenIn Memory of Theresa Ann Roberts
11/14/2022Dukes, John & JeanIn Memory of Charles L Wilcox - father of Maigan W. Holt
11/14/2022Matassa, GaryIn Memory of Faith Kendall. Beloved dog of The Kendalls,
11/14/2022Dukes, John & JeanIn Memory of Charles L Wilcox - father of Maigan W. Holt
11/07/2022Maiale, Jeanne-Marie & NickIn memory of Phyllis Comiskey
11/07/2022Maiale, Jeanne-Marie & NickIn memory of Phyllis Comiskey
11/02/2022Padgett, HollyIn Honor of Snotface
11/02/2022Padgett, HollyIn Honor of Snotface
10/27/2022Lexington Park Community AssociationIn Memory of Jeanie Eckert
10/24/2022Mayor & Town Council Town of BrooksIn memory of Dolly "Bea" Bray
10/24/2022Lucy HessIn Memory of Stacia Ann Barr (sister of Mary Ellen Willey)
10/23/2022Krauth, DeborahIn Honor of Ella Taylor & Steven Kucucka
10/21/2022Scarbrough, BrentIn Memory of Dolly "Bea" Bray
10/11/2022Patrick E RobsonIn memory of our wonderful dog, Ginger
09/22/2022Howard, AnnIn memory of my grand children's beloved dog, Talli, a much missed member of the family.
09/16/2022Coggeshall, LindaIn memory of Jeff Christian
09/16/2022Wolter, JoannIn Memory of Jeff Christian
09/16/2022Mark & Victoria VandlikIn Memory of Jeff Christian
09/15/2022Sharpsburg Animal Hospital LLCIn honor of Parker
09/12/2022Rocco, John and SandraIn Honor of Granddaughters Reese,Maggie & Cat who donated their money from the lemonade stand!
09/10/2022Thomas, TaylorIn Honor of the upcoming wedding of my niece Ella Taylor and Steven Kukucka. Both have been fostering dogs with FHS.
09/08/2022Gresens, Daniel & DebraIn memory of Margie Gresens
09/01/2022Yarbrough, JohnIn Memory of Bilbo R.I.P
08/27/2022Romano, Charles and LorraineIn honor of Lucy and Barry Hess' 50th Wedding Anniversary
08/25/2022Anne WittkopIn Honor of Sandra Balchin
08/19/2022Robison, TamiIn Memory of Ethan Wyatt Pope
08/16/2022McDuffie, Ralph & EleanorIn Memory of Cullen Kyle Dixon
08/15/2022Faber, Laveta J & KennethIn Memory of Kristy Donohue
08/09/2022Darlington, SharonIn Memory of Marguerite Kay Rowe Gresens
08/09/2022Franke, PeggyIn Honor of 50th Anniversary of Barry & Lucy Hess
08/08/2022Rowden, TammyIn Memory of Cullen Kyle Dixon
08/08/2022Joseph SharpeIn Memory of Lucy
08/07/2022McDuffie, Craig & HeatherIn memory of Cullen Dixon
08/05/2022Brown, BillieIn Honor of Beau
08/05/2022Dr Britton Hammett-McCurryIn Honor of Charlie and Sam Morgan
08/03/2022Jamie & Nathan Wolf-JacksonIn Memory of Cullen Kyle Dixon
08/01/2022Phillip & Sandra PilcherIn Memory of Kristy Donohue
07/23/2022Crystal ChulakIn Memory of Kristy Donohue
07/22/2022Julie WalterIn Memory of Kristy Donohue
07/18/2022Ashley EckmanIn Memory of Bentley Daily
07/12/2022Ryan, BethIn Memory of Nubs
07/04/2022Sailor NicholsIn honor of Harley Lott. Thank you for everything!
06/24/2022Curry, GailIn memory of Zachary Esterguard
06/09/2022Dr. Anita M LloydIn memory of Britta Kratchoff
06/09/2022Kratchoff, BllIn Memory of Carol King Outz
06/08/2022Kratchoff, BllIn Memory of Britta Ramsey Kratchoff
06/01/2022Lerer, RayIn memory of Cindy Barber
05/30/2022Gabrielle SenaIn honor of our amazing dog Stella who has brightened our lives immensely.
05/25/2022Stephen T CorbettIn memory/honor of Tuffy and Tigger
05/23/2022Speicher, AlexaIn honor of, Jon Snow, our husky we adopted from you we wanted to make a donation in the names of all who attending our wedding on April 22,2022. We are so grateful that you brought us together with our silly Husky!
05/17/2022Christopher BoneIn memory of Ethan Pope
05/12/2022Patricia StoreyIn memory of Leslie D Murphy
04/26/2022Kenneth FredericksIn memory of Doris Fredericks
04/18/2022Michael BabbIn memory of Richard Babb
04/14/2022Julie BakerIn memory of Opossum Holt
04/09/2022Romany, LorraineIn memory of Lucy Hess's Martine
04/06/2022Susan SummersSociety.
03/26/2022Jane PorterIn honor of William Salamanca Happy 9th Birthday
03/21/2022Christina ForbisIn memory of Tony Giovannitti
03/20/2022Sanda VanFossanIn memory of Claire and Tybee Stopford
03/13/2022Winona L HigashiIn memory of her sister
02/28/2022Martha TurnerIn honor of birthday for Sandra Wright, 102 Rockspray Ridge, PTC
02/19/2022Martin & Linda WescheIn Memory of Tony Giovannitti
02/16/2022Catherine MatosIn Memory of Anthony Giovannitti
02/16/2022Catherine MatosIn Memory of Anthony Giovannitti
02/14/2022Michele HallIn memory of Rosalie McVay
02/14/2022Michele HallIn memory of Rosalie McVay
02/12/2022Sheleen FerryIn memory of Michael Rebel
02/12/2022Billie & Mark MayIn memory Of Tony Giovannitti
02/12/2022Carlo & Mary Ellen GiovannittiIn memory of Tony Giovannitti
02/12/2022Billie & Mark MayIn memory Of Tony Giovannitti
02/12/2022Sheleen FerryIn memory of Michael Rebel
02/12/2022Carlo & Mary Ellen GiovannittiIn memory of Tony Giovannitti
02/06/2022Carl JordanIn memory of Anthony Giovinnitti.
02/06/2022Barbara WhitakerIn memory of Tony Giovannitti
02/06/2022Jennifer FoutIn memory of Anthony Giovannitti from the Fout family
02/06/2022Carl JordanIn memory of Anthony Giovinnitti.
02/06/2022Jennifer FoutIn memory of Anthony Giovannitti from the Fout family
02/06/2022Barbara WhitakerIn memory of Tony Giovannitti
02/06/2022Vincent GiovannittiIn memory of Anthony "Tony" Giovannitti
02/05/2022Joseph GiovannittiIn memory of Anthony Giovanitti
02/04/2022Roberts, LilaIn memory of Tony Giovannetti
01/31/2022AnonymousIn memory of Betty White
01/31/2022Tingwald, Cherylin memory of Betty White
01/31/2022Ronald SpaconeIn honor of Leo
01/30/2022Kira & Alan CoggeshallIn memory of Jet Coggeshall
01/27/2022Robyn ForbesIn memory of Steve Cohen
01/25/2022Edward & Nancy CrowIn memory of Betty White
01/21/2022Carol BergerIn memory of Jim Forry
01/20/2022Henson, JudithIn memory of Betty White
01/18/2022Wanda ByrdIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Michelle BrittinghamIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Amy M CashionIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Robyn WilliamsIn honor of Betty White
01/17/2022Frederick DorseyIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022North, AmberIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Brown, SuneeIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Emmons, AshleyIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Stephanie BoltonIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Sarah CowdenIn honor of Betty White
01/17/2022Robert & Susan PageIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Colleen KavneyIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Melinda DavisIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Keller, KarinBetty White Challenge
01/17/2022Linda HuntIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Rebecca LeeIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Jane WattsIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Allison EcholsIn remembrance of Betty White
01/17/2022Anna AycockIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Kimberly WardIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Kellie LogesFor the Betty White Challenge
01/17/2022Susan StittIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Waples, SharonIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Maria GastaldiIn honor of Betty White's 100th Birthday
01/17/2022Cathy AndersonIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Diana OwensBetty White Challenge
01/17/2022Bruce MeadowsIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Linda L BartlettIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Amy DobbinsHappy Birthday Betty White!
01/17/2022Pam LewinIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Rebekah BetsillIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Sharon MarchiselloIn honor of Betty White and her love for animals
01/17/2022Angela KightIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Fran BaudhuinBetty White Challenge
01/17/2022Monica Rose RiveraIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Blackstock, JillIn honor of Betty White
01/17/2022Louise CoxIn memory of Betty White
01/17/2022Sandra DavisIn memory of Betty White
01/15/2022Carol AdamsThis is for Glee Club in honor of Betty White
01/12/2022Ginny ScarrittIn memory of Ethan Pope
01/10/2022Nicole MyersIn memory of Ethan Pope
01/10/2022Sharon PriceIn honor of Betty White
01/07/2022Stephen & Blake LankfordIn memory of Ethan Pope
01/06/2022Deloach, Richard & AndreaIn memory of Jean Hachen
01/05/2022Polly Fraser & Paul ScharffIn honor of Kelly Lawson, 45 Wakehurst Court, Sharpsburg, GA 30277
01/05/2022Kim AschmeyerIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/30/2021Christie MatteIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/30/2021Penny & John MolisIn memory of Jean Hachen
12/30/2021SueAnn RandIn memory of Ethan Pope and his puppy Wilson
12/27/2021Debbie RoweIn memory of Amanda Marina
12/26/2021Danielle MavridisIn memory of Lana and Argos (for your recent puppy patient)
12/23/2021Claude C PaquinIn Honor of Janet Paquin
12/21/2021Joy CutterDonation in honor of Cynthia & Joe Saracino
12/15/2021Anne WittkopIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/15/2021Stephen HernandezIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/13/2021Dawn & Scott LambertIn Memory of Ethan Pope
12/13/2021Ky DickersonIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/12/2021Kristi MooreIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/11/2021Karen FennellIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/11/2021Patrick & Linda ReganIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/11/2021Barbara CatonIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/11/2021Scott CaspersonIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/11/2021Tom & Andrea ScheviakIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/11/2021Amy BredarIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/11/2021Nancy ShulmanIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/11/2021Perry & Brenda BakerIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/09/2021Melissa Shamsianin memory of Ethan Pope
12/08/2021Robert C GriffinGift in the name of Mike Ziegler & Jan Arrington
12/08/2021Robert C GriffinGift in honor of Becky Speight & Randal Seamster
12/07/2021Cheri KingIn loving memory of Ethan Pope. Love, Cheri and Lori King
12/05/2021Laura KillianIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/05/2021Phoebe McDavidIn Honor of Caryann, Elizabeth, and Sarah Wilson
12/05/2021Meghan CatonIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/05/2021Claire DornakIn memory of Ethan Pope
12/01/2021Melanie BalasA Christmas gift in honor of Marilyn Carley & Ron Cox
12/01/2021Deborah PhillipsIn Memory of Evelene Albert
12/01/2021Beverly JohnsonIn memory of Ethan Pope and Wilson
11/12/2021Martha TurnerIn memory of Alice Morris
11/11/2021Kevin ChenowethIn memory of Arthur Whittam
11/11/2021Paul & Debbie RoweIn memory of Arlo Beamer
11/11/2021Paul & Debbie RoweIn memory of Arlo Beamer
10/29/2021Kevin TreadwayIn memory of Sue Johnson
10/29/2021Kevin TreadwayIn memory of Sue Johnson
10/22/2021Karen L ScannellIn memory of Carol King
10/17/2021Richard JaremkaIn memory of Jill Mazzacavallo
10/8/2021Lucille P HessIn honor of beloved Bella & Buddy
10/2/2021Laura Ali-TalhaIn memory of Carol King and all she did for the cats in Fayette County
9/30/2021Manqian ZhaoIn memory of Carol King - for the cats
9/30/2021Foust, MargaretIn memory of Carol King for Feral Cats
9/30/2021Janice MartinezIn memory of Jill Mazzacavallo
9/23/2021Abbott, JanIn memory of Carol King
9/23/2021Ann LawIn memory of Carol King
9/23/2021Nancy TurkIn memory of Carol King - for the cats
9/23/2021Sarah PritchettIn memory of Carol King - for the feral cats
9/6/2021Mary RumoreIn Memory of George Martin Donation for Cats
8/27/2021Nancy M StevesIn memory of George Martin
8/27/2021Laurie Martin SahagianIn memory of George B Martin
8/26/2021Joan M MooreA gift directed to the cat program In memory of George Martin
8/24/2021Carolyn WhitehurstIn memory of Joe Payne
8/22/2021Larry & Kim TaylorIn memory of George Martin
8/19/2021Maureen SmolskiIn memory of George Martin
8/12/2021Association of Graduates, USAF AcademyFor the cats In memory of George Martin
8/12/2021Donna M MartinIn memory of George Martin
8/12/2021Frederick StegmaierIn memory of George Martin
8/12/2021Lynn FletcherDonated in honor of Heather Tucker
8/11/2021Joanne ReynoldsIn memory of George Martin
8/10/2021Catherine A MartinIn memory of George Martin
8/10/2021Patricia HigginsIn memory of George B. Martin. May he always rest in peace. Aunt Pat
8/10/2021Eva & Joseph SpinazolaDonation for cats In memory of George Martin
8/10/2021M Sheila MartinDonation for cats In memory of George Martin
8/8/2021Susan McElrathDonation for the cat fund in memory of George Martin
8/7/2021Wilburn DominyIn memory of George Martin.
8/6/2021Julia WrightIn memory of Lurlene Perry
8/6/2021James & Anita LaneIn memory of Lurlene Perry
8/1/2021Marilyn DiddleThis is a memorial gift in honor of Joyce Hartwell, a kind soul who loved animals Please send acknowledgement to: The Herrin Family 1005 Laddington Lane Peachtree City, GA 30269
7/22/2021Henson, JudithMemorial donation - in memory of Lee Bowerman
7/16/2021Nina AdamsIn Memory of Lee Bowerman
7/14/2021David & Margaret SullivanIn memory of Lee Bowerman
7/13/2021Jordan NicholsIn honor of Marty Melon
7/12/2021Charlotte LanierIn memory of Lurlene Perry
7/7/2021Mary BrackenrichIn memory of Lurleen Perry
6/30/2021Odle, SallyIn memory of Lucy
6/30/2021Deborah GriffinIn memory of Lurlene Perry
6/27/2021Janet JuneauIn Memory of Lura Lee Bowerman
6/23/2021Jennifer RicheyPersonal donation - In Honor Of The Lawson Family
6/19/2021Betty VinciIn memory of Tommy Vinci
6/19/2021Keith LeggettIn Memory of Lee Bowerman
6/19/2021Alta Gracia MyersIn memory of Jill Mazzacavallo
6/19/2021Patrick E RobsonIn memory of Ginger, a wonderful Dalmation/German Pointer
6/19/2021Mueller, MintaIn memory of Marshall Prichett
6/19/2021Peggy CoxIn memory of Tubby Fink, in honor of Karyn Andrews
6/16/2021Julie JacksonIn Memory of Mei Ming Hu
6/6/2021Timothy ReidIn Memory Of Name: Virginia Louise Murphy
6/6/2021Jamie RamseyIn memory of Jill Mazzacavallo
5/27/2021Adkins, TeresaIn Memory of Nicolai, a sweet dog
5/27/2021Mary B ParksIn memory of Arlene Molis, Mother of John Molis
5/20/2021Rene Miller MittenzweiMemorial donation In Memory of Karen Duncan’s beloved pet, Pearl
5/20/2021Laura StammerIn Memoriam of Jill Mazzacavallo. Prayers to the friends and family who miss her dearly.
5/19/2021Penny & John MolisPersonal contribution in memory of Elaine Loftin
5/10/2021Pafca DalCompany donation in memory of Virginia Louise Murphy
5/4/2021Debra VargasonIn Memory Of Name: Elizabeth P. Blackmore
5/1/2021Carla McMillianPersonal donation in honor of Ginny Murphy
4/28/2021Thomas WileyPersonal Donation In Memory Of Virginia Louise Murphy
4/28/2021Chris PawlowskiPersonal Donation In Memory Of Virginia Louise Murphy
4/28/2021Kurt ButlerPersonal donation in honor of Ginny Langford Murphy
4/22/2021Katherine SlyterIn Memory of Ivy Marie
4/22/2021Florence RogersIn Honor of Stephanie Wilson
4/22/2021Joseph DonohuePersonal Donation In memory of Sean "James" Cramer
4/11/2021Ellen PhillipsPersonal Donation In Memory Of Name: Rholda Bergen
4/11/2021Kathryn ClarkPersonal Donation In Memory Of Virginia Louise Murphy
3/31/2021Matthew BergenPersonal Donation - In Memory Of Name: Rholda Bergen
3/15/2021Rocks, ColleenIn Honor Of: Bandit
3/13/2021Naughton, DavidIn Memory Of - Nancy White
3/10/2021Moreland, CindyIn Honor Of - Sharri Markle
3/4/2021Romano, Lorraine-Given in Memory of Phyllis Troha
2/28/2021Mowery, PaulineIn Memory of Bonita Barbery
2/27/2021Cash, RobertIn Memory Of - Nancy Cash White
2/25/2021Gilbert, Dale and Ann MarieIn Memory Of - Kevin
2/15/2021Dorsey, DeborahIn Memory Of QtIp Dorsey
2/8/2021Jean SmithDonation in appreciation of Marcia Hendershot
1/28/2021Robson, Patrick & MyrnaGiven in Memory of Walt Kowalski
1/27/2021Dognazzi, John & HeatherGiven in Memory of Judy Young
1/22/2021Burruss, KristaIn Memory of:Judith Lauramore Young
1/15/2021Tucker, MichaelIn Memory of: Judy Young
1/15/2021Darcy, JenniferIn Memory: Judy Young
1/14/2021Thomson, LeahIn Memory: Judy Young
1/14/2021Robert HansonIn Memory of: Finn Reidy
1/14/2021Chapman, GeorgeIn Memory of: Dog Bud Hughes
1/13/2021Miles, NataleeIn Honor of: Judy Young
1/12/2021Jones, JasonIn Honor of: Bob Ross
1/6/2021Kathryn MurchisonIn Memory of: Judy Young

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