Memorials & Honors

In remembrance of or in honor of

Remember or honor someone special in your life by making a donation to us. To make a donation in memory or in honor of someone, click the button below. 

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Recent donations in honor or in memory of

11/11/2021Paul & Debbie RoweIn memory of Arlo Beamer
10/29/2021Kevin TreadwayIn memory of Sue Johnson
10/22/2021Karen L ScannellIn memory of Carol King
10/17/2021Richard JaremkaIn memory of Jill Mazzacavallo
10/08/2021Lucille P HessIn honor of beloved Bella & Buddy
10/02/2021Laura Ali-TalhaIn memory of Carol King and all she did for the cats in Fayette County
09/30/2021Manqian ZhaoIn memory of Carol King - for the cats
09/30/2021Foust, MargaretIn memory of Carol King for Feral Cats
09/30/2021Janice MartinezIn memory of Jill Mazzacavallo
09/23/2021Abbott, JanIn memory of Carol King
09/23/2021Ann LawIn memory of Carol King
09/23/2021Nancy TurkIn memory of Carol King - for the cats
09/23/2021Sarah PritchettIn memory of Carol King - for the feral cats
09/06/2021Mary RumoreIn Memory of George Martin Donation for Cats
08/27/2021Nancy M StevesIn memory of George Martin
08/27/2021Laurie Martin SahagianIn memory of George B Martin
08/26/2021Joan M MooreA gift directed to the cat program In memory of George Martin
08/24/2021Carolyn WhitehurstIn memory of Joe Payne
08/22/2021Larry & Kim TaylorIn memory of George Martin
08/19/2021Maureen SmolskiIn memory of George Martin
08/12/2021Association of Graduates, USAF AcademyFor the cats In memory of George Martin
08/12/2021Donna M MartinIn memory of George Martin
08/12/2021Frederick StegmaierIn memory of George Martin
08/12/2021Lynn FletcherDonated in honor of Heather Tucker
08/11/2021Joanne ReynoldsIn memory of George Martin
08/10/2021Catherine A MartinIn memory of George Martin
08/10/2021Patricia HigginsIn memory of George B. Martin. May he always rest in peace. Aunt Pat
08/10/2021Eva & Joseph SpinazolaDonation for cats In memory of George Martin
08/10/2021M Sheila MartinDonation for cats In memory of George Martin
08/08/2021Susan McElrathDonation for the cat fund in memory of George Martin
08/07/2021Wilburn DominyIn memory of George Martin.
08/06/2021Julia WrightIn memory of Lurlene Perry
08/06/2021James & Anita LaneIn memory of Lurlene Perry
08/01/2021Marilyn DiddleThis is a memorial gift in honor of Joyce Hartwell, a kind soul who loved animals Please send acknowledgement to: The Herrin Family 1005 Laddington Lane Peachtree City, GA 30269
07/22/2021Henson, JudithMemorial donation - in memory of Lee Bowerman
07/16/2021Nina AdamsIn Memory of Lee Bowerman
07/14/2021David & Margaret SullivanIn memory of Lee Bowerman
07/13/2021Jordan NicholsIn honor of Marty Melon
07/12/2021Charlotte LanierIn memory of Lurlene Perry
07/07/2021Mary BrackenrichIn memory of Lurleen Perry
06/30/2021Odle, SallyIn memory of Lucy
06/30/2021Deborah GriffinIn memory of Lurlene Perry
06/27/2021Janet JuneauIn Memory of Lura Lee Bowerman
06/23/2021Jennifer RicheyPersonal donation - In Honor Of The Lawson Family
06/19/2021Betty VinciIn memory of Tommy Vinci
06/19/2021Keith LeggettIn Memory of Lee Bowerman
06/19/2021Alta Gracia MyersIn memory of Jill Mazzacavallo
06/19/2021Patrick E RobsonIn memory of Ginger, a wonderful Dalmation/German Pointer
06/19/2021Mueller, MintaIn memory of Marshall Prichett
06/19/2021Peggy CoxIn memory of Tubby Fink, in honor of Karyn Andrews
06/16/2021Julie JacksonIn Memory of Mei Ming Hu
06/06/2021Timothy ReidIn Memory Of
Name: Virginia Louise Murphy
06/06/2021Jamie RamseyIn memory of Jill Mazzacavallo
05/27/2021Adkins, TeresaIn Memory of Nicolai, a sweet dog
05/27/2021Mary B ParksIn memory of Arlene Molis, Mother of John Molis
05/20/2021Rene Miller MittenzweiMemorial donation In Memory of Karen Duncan’s beloved pet, Pearl
05/20/2021Laura StammerIn Memoriam of Jill Mazzacavallo. Prayers to the friends and family who miss her dearly.
05/19/2021Penny & John MolisPersonal contribution in memory of Elaine Loftin
05/10/2021Pafca DalCompany donation in memory of Virginia Louise Murphy
05/04/2021Debra VargasonIn Memory Of
Name: Elizabeth P. Blackmore
05/01/2021Carla McMillianPersonal donation in honor of Ginny Murphy
04/28/2021Thomas WileyPersonal Donation In Memory Of Virginia Louise Murphy
04/28/2021Chris PawlowskiPersonal Donation In Memory Of Virginia Louise Murphy
04/28/2021Kurt ButlerPersonal donation in honor of Ginny Langford Murphy
04/22/2021Katherine SlyterIn Memory of Ivy Marie
04/22/2021Florence RogersIn Honor of Stephanie Wilson
04/22/2021Joseph DonohuePersonal Donation In memory of Sean "James" Cramer
04/11/2021Ellen PhillipsPersonal Donation In Memory Of
Name: Rholda Bergen
04/11/2021Kathryn ClarkPersonal Donation In Memory Of Virginia Louise Murphy
03/31/2021Matthew BergenPersonal Donation - In Memory Of
Name: Rholda Bergen
03/15/2021Rocks, ColleenIn Honor Of: Bandit
03/13/2021Naughton, DavidIn Memory Of - Nancy White
03/10/2021Moreland, CindyIn Honor Of - Sharri Markle
03/04/2021Romano, Lorraine-Given in Memory of Phyllis Troha
02/28/2021Mowery, PaulineIn Memory of Bonita Barbery
02/27/2021Cash, RobertIn Memory Of - Nancy Cash White
02/25/2021Gilbert, Dale and Ann MarieIn Memory Of - Kevin
02/15/2021Dorsey, DeborahIn Memory Of QtIp Dorsey
02/08/2021Jean SmithDonation in appreciation of Marcia Hendershot
01/28/2021Robson, Patrick & MyrnaGiven in Memory of Walt Kowalski
01/27/2021Dognazzi, John & HeatherGiven in Memory of Judy Young
01/22/2021Burruss, KristaIn Memory of:Judith Lauramore Young
01/15/2021Tucker, MichaelIn Memory of: Judy Young
01/15/2021Darcy, JenniferIn Memory: Judy Young
01/14/2021Thomson, LeahIn Memory: Judy Young
01/14/2021Robert HansonIn Memory of: Finn Reidy
01/14/2021Chapman, GeorgeIn Memory of: Dog Bud Hughes
01/13/2021Miles, NataleeIn Honor of: Judy Young
01/12/2021Jones, JasonIn Honor of: Bob Ross
01/06/2021Murchison, KathrynIn Memory of: Judy Young

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