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Extraordinary Care

Above and beyond care requires loving hearts and donations to enable these extraordinary needs to be met.

Shot and Tail Rotting Off! O’Malley

**Emergency Fundraiser!!**

This poor boy was found by a good samaritan with his tail rotting off! His X-rays show buck shot throughout his rear end. Thankfully there died by seem to be any major internal trauma, but his tail is dead and needs to be removed ASAP! 

His surgery and care has been quoted to us as $1300-1500. This includes the amputation, wound care, X-rays, bloodwork, IVs, medications, and hospitalization.

Can you help us help this sweet boy recover?

Text the code “OMALLEY” to 44-321 to donate


Please help us help Ruger! 

We pulled Ruger from Fayette County Animal Control about three weeks ago, and in that time we can see that he needs some serious training. He is a wonderful boy, but is too strong and does not know how to play or behave around humans and other dogs. Leaping on and grabbing first is not the best thing to do. 

So he needs professional training. 

But training costs money. While his adoption fee will cover some of it, training is $300 a week.

Can you help Ruger put his right foot forward so that he can find a home? 

Text  the code “RUGER” to 44-321 to donate via text

Here’s a summary of how generous our community is for our extraordinary needs animals!

Medical FundAmount
Dog Fosters965
Jolene the Parvo Puppy122

P. O. Box 244
Fayetteville, GA 30214