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Extraordinary Care

Above and beyond care requires loving hearts and donations to enable these extraordinary needs to be met.

tabby cat and dog cuddling


Poor, Poor, Puddin

We have a lady we have been working with trying to help her since May.  As it turns out, Puddin needs to have a dental procedure and our regular community assistance vet cannot do it.

We were able to find another vet which can do the surgery but the cost is going to be around $1,200. We originally agreed to pay up to $500 for her and if more was needed, we would turn to you for help.

The owner has saved $300 towards the surgery herself, so we need $400 to get Puddin the dental surgery she needs.  Can you help?

Puddin’s mom writes:

Puddin is 9 years old angel. She came to me when she was roughly 3 years old from Fayette Humane Society.  She had a rocky past, as you could tell she had lots of freshly healed wounds, was extremely timid, and looked like she had just made it through whatever was ailing her thanks to Fayette Humane. At the time I had had my job for year or 2 and was confident on staying for a while as it was a recently booming business and I was doing really well. While i was doing well financially, I managed to keep a decent money flow and I was able to take care of everything in my life care-free. I was steadily getting more hours as well as bonuses. Life was sweet.

Then came covid. Again, I was doing well for a while but business slowly started to slow down and the doors eventually closed for good. I was devasted.

So with my last but of my savings account I paid off whatever bills I could in advance, and i made sure Puddin was continuing to be spoiled rotten with regular vet visits, dental treatments etc.

One of the last big investments I made was into Puddin’s teeth. She had to have about 5 or 6 teeth pulled, and other various dental related procedures and upkeep.

That was 2020, and after the doors to my job closed i didn’t get hired at a different job until late 2021.

I can’t work full time any longer, as it was affecting my home life as well as my 2 children. I make “okay” money now but it’s nowhere near what I was making before at my old job.

Now I’m in debt, and once again Puddin needs more dental treatments, and I’m scared to death. One of her canines needs to be removed, which is connected to her sinuses which complicates the entire procedure and makes it 10x more expensive.

Puddin is a healthy happy girl outside of this and my goal is to give her the life that any animal deserves and I am so guilty for not being able to provide for her in that way currently.

Puddin’s Mom


Let’s get rid of these bladder stones!

Pepper is a little girl who came to us last week with her housemate due to no fault of their own, and while they have been doing well, something seemed wrong with Pepper- she was squatting to pee all the time! 

One X-ray later and we found out why- she is FULL of bladder stones! Pepper needs these removed, both for her own comfort and because if she reaches the point that she can’t pee, then that’s a big medical emergency! 

We need you help!

We have been estimated that surgery will cost about $700-1000 to remove her stone and get her one the road to recovery.

Can you help us?

tabby cat and dog cuddling


tabby cat and dog cuddling


One of our Ferals

Buffington, one of our ferals, was trapped, neutered, vaccinated and returned to his ‘colony’. He’s been healthy for some time, but has developed a problem with his mouth.  We don’t have the funds to provide our ferals with extensive medical care and need your help to get him the help he needs.

P. O. Box 244
Fayetteville, GA 30214