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Cat Transport

What is “Cat Transport”?

“Cat Transport” means we transfer adoptable cats to rescues in other parts of the country, so they can be adopted there instead of here.

Why would we need to do that?

Mother nature keeps the stray population north of the Mason Dixon line in control by freezing those areas for months at a time. Strays either don’t survive to be rescued or don’t go in heat and make more, since survival of a litter is almost impossible. Also, those areas of the country tend to have spay and neuter ordinances, so they do not have the cat overpopulation we do.

Transporting cats in the van is challenging. The cats must be kept warm and fed and clean throughout the multi-day journey.

The driver(s) must also be caretakers, navigators and shelter workers to deliver their charges to their new shelter.  Sometimes we deliver cats to multiple organizations in multiple states, and our Cat Transport warriors are totally dedicated to finding these cats new homes.

We need S/N ordinances! The demand up north for kitties to adopt is huge during the winter months. We have an abundant supply.

The cats we transport are spay/neutered, vaccinated and have health certificates.  This costs a lot for any rescue!

In many instances, we get reimbursed by the receiving organizations; in many we do not.  By placing these cats with organizations that find loving homes for them way quicker than we can, we relieve our local rescues and shelters of the overabundance of adoptable cats. We can then help more.

Both of these reasons are rewards enough but this process also supports our mission for rehoming and adoption services.

Animal Transport Videos

9/27/22 FHS Cat Transport – 107 cats!  Meeeoow!

August 25th, 2022 FHS transport.

Still having trouble understanding why animal transport is so important. Take a look at these short videos.

The first to the right isn’t an FHS transport but it really helps you understand what transport entails; 96 Hours with Rescue Express Transport.

This video shows what a positive impact a transport program can have in the lives of the animals and their new families!

FHS 11/13/21 Transport video showing our driver and caretaker checking in on our “passengers’

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