Cat Adoption Application

Fayette Humane Society is pleased that you are interested in adopting a cat! Anyone interested in adopting a cat from the Fayette Humane Society must complete a pre-adopt form, although it’s completion does not guarantee an adoption.

The information you provide will assist us in making the right choice. Owning a pet is a long-term commitment for the life of the pet. All kittens and cats are already spayed or neutered, or arrangements are made for the surgery. Pets have age-appropriate tests and vaccinations. Additional booster shots will be required for kittens. There is a $110 adoption fee for kittens and cats (some exceptions, see website for details).

If you are interested in a particular cat or kitten, it would be best to fill out the online application and someone will contact you soon. If you think you want a cat/kitten but want to come see them at our adoption site first, print and fill out the Pre-Adopt application and bring it with you to save time!