Christy Finds Her Perfect Home

Christy Finds Her Perfect Home


A family in Fayetteville fell on hard times.  When they moved out, they knew there were other cats in the neighborhood, so when they moved out they just left their cat on the front porch.  She soon joined the group of cats 3 doors down.  “Christy” the cat was sweet, cuddly, loving.  Not skitterish or feral.  She desperately wanted to sit in someone’s lap.

A week after Christmas a little girl and her family came into Petsmart.  The little girl had asked for a cat for Christmas.  Under the tree she got cat food bowls, cat beds, cat litter boxes, etc.  So she came into Petsmart the weekend after Christmas with a big smile, saying she was here to pick out her cat.  I showed the family Christy.  The little girls pet Christy and she purred.  The little girls chased her and she just sat there and let them rush her.  The little girls picked Christy up like a sack of potatoes, and Christy didn’t squiggle or try to get away.  Mom and I laughed at how the girls handled Christy.  We tried to show the young girls the right way to hold a cat, but at the same time marveled at how well Christy handled it all.

Look at the attached picture.  The girl on the left with the blue shirt on – Christy is her cat now.  Christy sleeps on a little girl’s bed every night now.  The little girl is thrilled to have a Christy.  And Christy is thrilled to sleep on a little girl’s bed every night.

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