Lola Finds Her Perfect Family

Lola Finds Her Perfect Family


It had been 12 years since I had a cat and I wanted a new fur baby. My preference was a declawed adult. I was referred to the FHS website by my co-worker, Kim. When I saw Lola the on FHS website, I thought she was beautiful! I contacted the FHS and was advised of Lola’s almost year-long stint as a foster cat and of the challenges she faced in finding a forever home. Lola had shown aggression to previous fosters and did not like living with other cats. With that understanding, I took her home on a trial basis to see how she would do with me. Within three days, she was comfortable (not fully trusting) and seemingly settling in. Things got better with lots of treats (I repeat, a LOT of treats!) and play time with toys. In this transition, I got pawed a few times, but now we are the best of friends. Her paw slaps have been traded in for kitty kisses, purrs and snuggles.

Today, Lola is playful, loving, and completely happy with her new family! She is definitely the queen of the house!


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