Pixie’s Happy Tail

Pixie’s Happy Tail


Pixie and her siblings were rescued a family whose mom was battling cancer.  They were unable to care for them and turned to FHS for help.  Pixie was a super snuggly cat who just wanted to be held and loved.  One day during adoptions, a mom and daughter are looking for the perfect companion.  The daughter wants a kitten but the mom wants a cat who will cuddle, not run and play all day.   The mom is battling cancer and after her chemo, she spends lots of time laying on the sofa.  She wanted a cat who would be content to sit with her.  Well, Pixie was up to that challenge.   Pixie immediately curled up in the mom’s lap and laid her head on her elbow.

Four weeks later, mom and Pixie are inseparable!  Pixie cuddles with her all day and sleeps near her head at night.  Mom is happy and Pixie is happy – a perfect happy tail!!

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