Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea


Dear Fayette Humane Society,

 When my fiance and I lost our 7 year old rescue cat Lena recently, we decided that we would not be bringing home another pet anytime soon. But as a few days passed, we realized how empty our house was without her. So we started our search for another cat to welcome into our home. We came across a picture of Sweet Pea on your site and she had the cutest little face and her profile said she was very sweet- hence her name. They put us in contact with her foster mom a few days after submitting our application, we decided it was best to meet sweet pea in her foster home since she didn’t do too well at the adoption events. On Thursday 17th we met her for the first time, she was curious about us and the carrier crate we had brought along with us. She let us pet her for a while and even walked right into the crate on her own as if to say- ok, I’m ready to go now! My fiance closed the carrier door, and we were certain that she would soon want out. But as we stood there and just spoke with her foster mom for a few minutes, she didn’t make a peep. We said our goodbyes and carried her to our car. We drove all the way home and she was as calm as can be. Finally we were home, we took the carrier inside and set her down and opened the door- the moment of truth. Sweet pea walked out and just started exploring the entire house, searching for Lena as her scent still lingered in our home. Once she realized there was no other cat but her, she relaxed a little and explored more. When it was time for bed, she followed us into our bedroom and made herself comfortable right in the middle of both of us (where she now permanently sleeps every night). We loved on her and she was just as loving back. She has a very fitting name- she is the sweetest girl. She loves to sit in our lap and make biscuits, she loves her window perch and likes looking out the back door too. She loves to play with her squeaky mouse, hang off the top step of our stairs, and enjoys hiding in boxes & bags. She is a big cuddle bug- loves laying right on top of my fiance’s chest or she is quite content with sitting on my lap as we watch tv together. We fell completely in love with her after just a few days into our 2 week home trial.  We knew we had to make Sweet Pea a part of our family, so we decided to officially adopt her on Saturday 26th.

 We are so happy that we found Sweet Pea!


 John & Gloria

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