Dog Care Facts

Dogs are vaccinated against the following illnesses:

  • DISTEMPER:  an air-born viral disease of the lungs, intestines, and brain
  • DENOVIRUS-2 (ALSO KNOWN AS HEPATITIS):  a viral disease of the liver
  • PARAINFLUENZA:  an infectious bronchitis
  • PARVOVIRUS:  a viral disease of the intestines and other organs
  • RABIES:  a viral neurology fatal disease
  • BORDATELLA:  a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory system (kennel cough)

Immunization & De-worming Schedule for Dogs
Puppies should receive their first DA2PP-B vaccination at 6 weeks or as soon thereafter as possible.  The DA2PP-B protects against the three most common and deadly viruses in puppies:  Parvovirus, Distemper, Bordatalla Bronchiseptica Bacteria.

  • PLEASE REMEMBER:  Your puppy should not be taken to dog parks, doggie daycare facilities, or even public places where other dogs frequent UNTIL they have received all of their vaccines.  This keeps them from being exposed to the deadly diseases before their immune system has been built up against them.  (AFTER they are completely finished with their puppy vaccines, we ENCOURAGE you to begin taking them places to socialize them.  Socializing your new family member will help to make a very friendly, well-rounded pet.)
  • Puppies should have their first de-worming at six weeks when they are being vaccinated with their DA2PP-B.  They should be de-wormed again three weeks later when you take them for their second vaccine booster appointment.  (It’s always helpful if you take a fecal sample with you to the appointment.  The sample should be no more than a few hours old.)
  • The DA2PP-B vaccination should be repeated every three weeks starting when the puppy is six weeks old until they are 15 weeks.  When they reach 15 weeks of age, they will receive their last set of vaccines which will include the Rabies.  This is also the age when they begin their monthly Heartworm prevention program.  The pill is given once a month for the rest of their life to help them to never contract the deadly disease.  The other plus to giving this pill is that it deworms the dog every month, as well.  There are also topical forms of heartworm prevention that help control flea infestation.  Discuss the differences of each with your veterinarian to decide what is best for your dog.  (If a dog is over 12 weeks when it receives its first DA2PP-B vaccination, only one more DA2PP-B will be needed.)
  • A Rabies vaccination is legally required at 15 weeks of age and every one or three years thereafter.  The three year Rabies vaccine is available in the State of Georgia.
  • An adult dog should receive yearly boosters of the DA2PP-B and Rabies.  Some veterinarians and individuals feel that the DA2PP can be given every three to four years instead of every year after the dog has had at least two annual boosters in a row.  This means if your dog got their vaccines on schedule from a puppy to an adult, after the age of two years, they could skip the DA2PP.  Keep in mind that if you take your dog to places like the groomer, dog parks, boarding or doggie daycare facilities, vaccines should be administered yearly for their protection.

For further information about vaccines, visit the American Animal Hospital Association site:

Dog Health Facts

  • Macadamia nuts, cooked onions, chocolate or anything with caffeine can be harmful to dogs.
  • Small amounts of grapes and raisins can cause renal failure.
  • Apple and pear seeds contain arsenic, which may be deadly to dogs.
  • Dogs do not have an appendix.
  • Dogs sweat only from the bottoms of their feet. They discharge heat only by panting.
  • Dogs and humans are the only mammals that have prostates.
  • A dog has 42 teeth.

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