Fix Georgia Pets Matches Donations


Fix Georgia Pets will match donations through November 17th, which is Georgia Gives Day.    Help us reach our goal of $5000.


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Piper’s Story:

Piper is an 8 month old teen age kitten, and was turned into Animal Control with a broken back leg.  Animal Control is investigating for possible abuse.  Meanwhile Piper was examined by a vet.  The leg is badly broken – with multiple factures in the bone, not just a clean break.  So the vet recommended two surgeries – the first to put a pin in the leg to let the bone start to heal, and the second surgery to remove the pin and let the bone heal completely.  Meanwhile, the risk is very high that Piper could break the bone again if she was allowed to do normal activates like run and jump, and therefore in order to save the leg, she must be kept in a 3 foot by 4 foot crate for 6 to 8 more weeks.  While it breaks our heart to keep her in this crate, we at the Fayette Humane Society have known of previous cases where the animal was allowed to run too soon, the bone re-broke, and the leg had to amputated.  She has her whole life in front of her to run, but in order to save her leg, we must do this for now.  The vet has done the first surgery already, and in the end of June or early July the vet will do the second surgery (plus the spay).  Piper is very sweet and her foster family opens the cage and rubs her little head on a regular basis, so she knows she is well loved.  That is the only way to cuddle right  now and not risk injuring the leg.  Once she is healthy and ready to be adopted, we will place her with a super sweet family – we want to make sure she gets enough cuddling in the future to make up for the rough time she had in the past and the tough time she is going thru right now.   Click here to donate through Piper’s gofund:

Free Spay and Neuter for Feral Cats

feral cat spay neuter 4 with petco


Have feral or community cats who need to be spayed or neutered?  Please call 770-487-1073 or email for more information.

Paws for the Cause

crosstown grille

Come join the Fayette Humane Society for a Paws for a Cause fundraiser on Thursday, April 14 from 5pm to 8pm. The even will be held at the CrossTown Grille located at 620 Crosstown Road, Peachtree City, GA. We hope you can make it!

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Cat Food Needed

cat food needed

Compassionate people who feed colonies of Fayette’s thousands of homeless cats are those who are often least able to afford it.  FHS has cats spayed and neutered and also helps furnish food.

Since we don’t have a physical location, two of our volunteers have graciously agreed to collect donations for us.  Please drop off donations labeled FAYETTE HUMANE SOCIETY at:

Bicycles Unlimited, 266 South Peachtree Pkwy.  It’s in the Braelinn Village Shopping Center next to Kmart in Peachtree City.


Fayette County News, 210 Jeff Davis Place.  It’s behind IHOP in Fayetteville.

Dry cat food is preferred and any size bag would be greatly appreciated.

FHS Fall 2015 Newsletter

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FHS Fall 2015 






Adopt an Animal Today!

We have many terrific dogs and puppies just waiting to be a part of a permanent loving home. Many of them can be seen at our adoptions at the PTC PetSmart on Saturdays and Sundays. To see all of our available dogs and puppies, please click here to go to the “Available Dogs” page.

We have some of the greatest cats and kittens ever! Any one of them would surely be a treasure for the right person. Many of them can be seen at our adoptions at the PTC PetSmart on Saturdays and Sundays. To see all of our available furry friends, please click here to go to the “Available Cats” page.