Roger Cat 2-comp

Roger quickly integrated himself into our home.  If he’s not zipping around the house he’s sitting by our zebra finches but never attempts to go at them, just sits watching, rolls around on the floor, sleeps under their enclosure.

He’s definitely fascinated by the wildlife outside the windows of our sun room.  We have daily visits from blue jays, woodpeckers, squirrels, etc.  We did have a big terrapin turtle cross the backyard and that freaked him out.  He was glued to the sliding glass doors with eyes as big as saucers until it passed through the yard.

He has the run of the house and doing quite well. Thank you so much for everything.  He’s a great cat.


Brigid and Morrigan (fka Nickel and Cinder)

Cats Olwyn in her box in my "office" Cats3
October, 2010.  I had just lost my sweet Ms. Kittie, who had been very ill.  My son, Ryan, told me that the house was empty without a cat, and could we please go to PetSmart and look at cats.  I wasn’t sure I was ready for a new cat yet, as I was still grieving for Ms. Kittie.  We walked in, and there were several lovely cats and kittens, but two caught our eyes. One was black, one was grey.  They had been    rescued from the Stars Mill feral colony.  Well, I am partial to black and grey kitties, and they seemed so in need of love.
We adopted them, and for more than two weeks they didn’t come out from under my bed except in the middle of the night to eat and use the litter box.  I spent hours in the mornings and evenings laying on the floor, with my hand under the bed, just barely able to touch a leg or a tail.  Eventually, I felt a little paw reach out and touch my arm, and I nearly cried.
Soon, these little holy terrors were tearing through the house playing chase, up the cat tree, over some boxes to the top of a bookcase, then onto the top of a door.  I was amazed.
Three years on, Brigid and Morrigan (formerly Nickel and Cinder) are most frequently found on the back of the couch, or the back of a chair, when we are sitting in the living room.  They love kittie tv when birds and squirrels are in the back yard.
Brigid and Morrigan tolerate their younger sister, Olwyn, who is also a rescue kittie.  Olwyn was rescued from a woman giving very young, flea infested kittens away at a garage sale.  Their rescue mommy took them all, and spent weeks nursing them back to health.  They were so tiny and pest-ridden when she took them in. Chanel had flea larva burrowed into her neck and lost most of her fur.  When I first saw her, she was only one and a half pounds, and too small to be adopted yet.  I went home and told Ryan about her, and he came to PetSmart to see this tiny miracle who had snagged my heart with her little claws.  We stood around talking while he held her, and she burrowed into his arms, and nestled into the pocket of his jacket, and we ended up with our third rescue kitty.
Olwyn now is called “She Who Must Be Obeyed.”  She is very adamant that she knows what is best, and will let everyone know if they are not following her commands.

Sadie Mae

Sadie Mae


Adopter Update: Sadie Mae

“Our family was looking for a first-time pet and accidentally ran across Sadie at the PTC PetSmart in August 2013. We had gone to look at a different dog on the web site but since he wasn’t showing that day, we ended up taking home Sadie as a trial. Well, I think we were set up because she’s such a sweet and loving dog, that we immediately took a liking to her. Sadie has now become a part of our family. She waits in the window for us to return each day and immediately darts to the kitchen door when she hears the garage open. She loves us and we love her!

The Dedeaux Family”



We adopted Jace 2.5 years ago from Fayette Humane. He has blossomed into a beautiful cat with personality plus!!!  He wakes us up by patting our faces & dives under the covers if given a chance. Thanks to Fayette Humane & Mary Ellen Willey for rescuing our baby!!

Matt & Patti


PeachBrandy_2013.08.27_at new home

ADOPTER UPDATE on Miss Peach (nka* Brandy)

“Good Morning!
Brandy is absolutely amazing! She came right in and made herself at home. She is using the pee pads, going in her crate to rest and eating good. She slept in her crate in my room quietly all night. She loves chasing Harlie around – hilarious! She has stolen ALL our hearts. Thank you. You have done a great job with her! She is pretty perfect. Check on her any time.
Thank you from all the Brooks”


* nka = now known as


WeddingHuxleyMy husband and I brought Huxley (formerly Adonis) home six months ago when he was about eight weeks old. After months of puppy searching, I knew the moment I saw his picture that he was the one, but I could never have predicted how perfectly he would complete our life. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, gentler little spirit. Hux is definitely an observer, preferring to watch and listen before jumping in with all four paws. Maybe that’s why he’s so smart and abnormally well behaved! His favorite game is chase, around the yard or the living room, and he particularly enjoys toys with treats hidden in them! He loves to please and loves to love. When my husband and I were married in May, Huxley was there, front and center–just like he is in our hearts. With the utmost sincerity, we want to say thank you to Fayette Humane for the incredible, selfless work they do for these small souls and especially to Johnny, for being such a wonderful foster dad to Huxley and his siblings and for giving them so much love and care during the urgent, early weeks of their lives. We are forever grateful to have our Huxley.

Morgan and Andy



Teddy was recently adopted by a wonderful family who loves him as much as his foster mom did. According to his new mom, when Teddy wants to cuddle (which is most of the time), his new family fights over whose turn it is to hold him.

Thank you for giving Teddy a loving forever home!




We found her at PetsMart in Peachtree City and immediately thought, she was the one. She had coffee markings on white fur so we called her Latte. We were deliberately looking for another dog as I had lost my Aussie from cancer. ..but was unsure that any dog could measure up to my previous dog. We could tell Latte liked people and seemed gentle so we went with her… I live in a duplex and my friends share her with me. She was raised with twin babies who she considered her puppies. It was obvious to us that she loved children because of how she treated the babies and when we took her hiking or for walks…she would pulled to children and want to hang out with them. Because of her personality, Latte has become a registered animal-assisted therapy dog and we are involved in a library reading program through a wonderful organization called CareingPaws… Life with Latte has been wonderful and fun. And Latte is such a gift to us and our friends. Thank you Fayette Humane Society and all the volunteers … have given so many of us, fur treasures.



This is Musetta, my wonderful cat. Her original name was Elizabeth. Her name comes from one of the singers in the Puccini Opera, LaBoheme …Little play on it is pronounced Mew-setta.

Musetta and my dog Latte came to their home together at the end of February, 2010. They love playing together and are great friends.

Musetta loves to cuddle and is a great companion…she has beautiful, silky fur…and is just a wonderful cat….Thankful to have her…


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We have some of the greatest cats and kittens ever! Any one of them would surely be a treasure for the right person. Many of them can be seen at our adoptions at the PTC PetSmart on Saturdays and Sundays. To see all of our available furry friends, please click here to go to the “Available Cats” page.