Paws for a Cause

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Please stop by for dinner and drinks at CrossTown Grille on Thursday, April 27 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM! 10% of the proceeds from the sales of the food and beverages will be donated to the Fayette Humane Society! The special house drinks are the Finicky Feline and the Bowzer Wowzer.

Be sure not to miss our silent auction!

Thank you for supporting this great cause!

FHS Fall 2015 Newsletter

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FHS Fall 2015 


image1A big thank you to these heroes for collecting and donating dog/cat food! Thank you, Else Ortega, Naomi Valeich, and Ally Marshall! You guys are awesome!


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We would like to thank Katherine Marshall, Hope Orengo, and Lydia Waits of Troop 10319 for collecting blankets, towels, and food as well as Ally Marshall and Naomi Valeich of Troop 342 for conducting a food drive. We would also like to thank Mary Jolea Cackett for conducting another food drive in her neighborhood. You guys rock and are our heroes!





Missing Pets

Please help us find a missing dog!


Max is a cream colored Cairn Terrier. He is about 15 pounds, and 15 years old. Max is blind in his left eye, his right eye has been removed, and his hearing is poor. When he went missing on Saturday 3/7, he had on a fabric collar with a southwestern design without any tags. He was near the corner of Kedron Dr. and Southern Shore Dr. about 3 blocks from the Aquatic Center and Kedron Elementary in Peachtree City.

With any information please call 678-360-6430 or 404-932-3689.

Fayette Humane Society Heroes

Not all superheroes wear capes, right? Check out some of our heroes!



The Starr’s Mill High School Band conducted a food drive for the FHS in conjunction with their Christmas concert.


Sarah Eason, working toward her Girl Scout Silver Award, conducted food drives for the FHS at PetCo and her school.

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Johanna Nelson, age 12, conducted a food drive for the Fayette Humane Society at Booth Elementary.

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Students at Counterpane School in Fayetteville conducted a food drive for the FHS.




We would like to give a big thank you to 9-year-old Logan Oates!

In lieu of gifts for himself to celebrate his birthday, he requested items for the Fayette Humane Society.

We are proud to refer to him as one of Our Heroes.


Doodles 3

Doodles 2

Doodles 1
















I was helping at the adoptions and performing my duties when I began to fall in love with Doodles. He was the most perfect dog! I called my parents and told them about him and sent them pictures. They really liked him as well. The following Monday, we took him home on trial because at that time we had Biscuit, our 11-year old poodle we’d had for almost 10 years at that time. They got along great. They played with each other and chased each other.

We then decided he was right for us and adopted him the following Friday. Biscuit had some peculiarities about him; he’d bark and bite the vacuum, he howled if we howled to him. The two months Doodles and Biscuit shared were amazing. They were like long lost brothers. We eventually had to put Biscuit to sleep due to his many health problems. After we brought Biscuit home and buried him in the backyard, Doodles couldn’t figure out where Biscuit had gone. We think he felt the sadness that we felt losing Biscuit.

After the sadness had passed, Doodles started to exemplify the things Biscuit used to do. We still believe to this day that whilst my brother and I were at school and our parents were at work, Biscuit knew his time was coming and taught Doodles how to run the house and behave. We have truly been blessed with Doodles.

The Dents



Adopt an Animal Today!

We have many terrific dogs and puppies just waiting to be a part of a permanent loving home. Many of them can be seen at our adoptions at the PTC PetSmart on Saturdays and Sundays. To see all of our available dogs and puppies, please click here to go to the “Available Dogs” page.

We have some of the greatest cats and kittens ever! Any one of them would surely be a treasure for the right person. Many of them can be seen at our adoptions at the PTC PetSmart on Saturdays and Sundays. To see all of our available furry friends, please click here to go to the “Available Cats” page.