Fayette Love Your Pet

Thank you Miranda!

Miranda Kasych asked her birthday party guests to donate food and toys to Fayette Humane in lieu of giving her presents.  What an awesome 6 year old!!!  Thank you Miranda.

Thanks to Avery and Ashley

FHS wants to thank Avery and Ashley, 6th grade students at Booth Middle School, who collected needed items for us.  The dogs and cats thank you for your kindness!

Whitewater Middle School Builder’s Club

Thanks to the Builder Club members at Whitewater Middle School who made toys for Fayette Humane’s cats and dogs.  We appreciate your kindness and the animals will love their new toys!

Thank You Emily

Ten year old Emily gave a presentation to her classmates about the importance of helping animals. She collected food, litter and money and donated it to the FHS.


Lemonade Stand Fundraiser

A huge thank you to our heroes, Jessica Marhefka, Kyle Marhefka, Ava Tomaro, and Amon Tomaro for raising money at their lemonade stand for the FHS. We cannot help our animals without kids like you!


A big shout-out also goes to Dexter, the Marhefka’s rescue dog, who helped bring in customers to the stand. Thanks, Dex!

Christy Finds Her Perfect Home


A family in Fayetteville fell on hard times.  When they moved out, they knew there were other cats in the neighborhood, so when they moved out they just left their cat on the front porch.  She soon joined the group of cats 3 doors down.  “Christy” the cat was sweet, cuddly, loving.  Not skitterish or feral.  She desperately wanted to sit in someone’s lap.

A week after Christmas a little girl and her family came into Petsmart.  The little girl had asked for a cat for Christmas.  Under the tree she got cat food bowls, cat beds, cat litter boxes, etc.  So she came into Petsmart the weekend after Christmas with a big smile, saying she was here to pick out her cat.  I showed the family Christy.  The little girls pet Christy and she purred.  The little girls chased her and she just sat there and let them rush her.  The little girls picked Christy up like a sack of potatoes, and Christy didn’t squiggle or try to get away.  Mom and I laughed at how the girls handled Christy.  We tried to show the young girls the right way to hold a cat, but at the same time marveled at how well Christy handled it all.

Look at the attached picture.  The girl on the left with the blue shirt on – Christy is her cat now.  Christy sleeps on a little girl’s bed every night now.  The little girl is thrilled to have a Christy.  And Christy is thrilled to sleep on a little girl’s bed every night.

Lola Finds Her Perfect Family


It had been 12 years since I had a cat and I wanted a new fur baby. My preference was a declawed adult. I was referred to the FHS website by my co-worker, Kim. When I saw Lola the on FHS website, I thought she was beautiful! I contacted the FHS and was advised of Lola’s almost year-long stint as a foster cat and of the challenges she faced in finding a forever home. Lola had shown aggression to previous fosters and did not like living with other cats. With that understanding, I took her home on a trial basis to see how she would do with me. Within three days, she was comfortable (not fully trusting) and seemingly settling in. Things got better with lots of treats (I repeat, a LOT of treats!) and play time with toys. In this transition, I got pawed a few times, but now we are the best of friends. Her paw slaps have been traded in for kitty kisses, purrs and snuggles.

Today, Lola is playful, loving, and completely happy with her new family! She is definitely the queen of the house!


Fix Georgia Pets Matches Donations


Fix Georgia Pets will match donations through November 17th, which is Georgia Gives Day.    Help us reach our goal of $5000.


Click here to donate:  https://www.gagivesday.org/c/GGD/a/fixgeorgiapets/p/fayettehumanesociety

Pixie’s Happy Tail


Pixie and her siblings were rescued a family whose mom was battling cancer.  They were unable to care for them and turned to FHS for help.  Pixie was a super snuggly cat who just wanted to be held and loved.  One day during adoptions, a mom and daughter are looking for the perfect companion.  The daughter wants a kitten but the mom wants a cat who will cuddle, not run and play all day.   The mom is battling cancer and after her chemo, she spends lots of time laying on the sofa.  She wanted a cat who would be content to sit with her.  Well, Pixie was up to that challenge.   Pixie immediately curled up in the mom’s lap and laid her head on her elbow.

Four weeks later, mom and Pixie are inseparable!  Pixie cuddles with her all day and sleeps near her head at night.  Mom is happy and Pixie is happy – a perfect happy tail!!

Adopt an Animal Today!

We have many terrific dogs and puppies just waiting to be a part of a permanent loving home. Many of them can be seen at our adoptions at the PTC PetSmart on Saturdays and Sundays. To see all of our available dogs and puppies, please click here to go to the “Available Dogs” page.

We have some of the greatest cats and kittens ever! Any one of them would surely be a treasure for the right person. Many of them can be seen at our adoptions at the PTC PetSmart on Saturdays and Sundays. To see all of our available furry friends, please click here to go to the “Available Cats” page.